How R3 Recycles

We follow R2 Standards to keep your business safe
and the environment healthy.

R2 Protects Sensitive data

The R2 Standard requires rigorous quality controls to ensure your data is sanitized in adherence to the most secure industry practices. In-depth annual audits of R2 companies provide greater assurance that data is effectively protected & destroyed. It requires validation of data destruction (unlike ITAD companies in recent studies, like the ones above, who fell short 48% of the time in protecting data). "Certificates of destruction" are meaningless without proof of a 3rd party audit to back up the claim. These effective procedures have tight security and chain of custody controls to protect equipment and data.

R2 Protects the Enviroment

The R2 Standard protects people and the environment through safe management and tracking of potentially harmful materials throughout the entire recycling chain. It requires legal compliance with all applicable laws pertaining to the management, import, and export of used electronics and ensures due diligence on all downstream vendors.The Superfund Recycling Equity Act (SREA) offers a measure of protection from environmental liability for companies that take "reasonable care" when conducting due diligence of the facility to which the recyclable material was sent.

R2 Protects your Brand

The R2 Standard ensures the security and confidentiality of your companies materials and data as it moves through the downstream process of being recycled or re-used. All prior asset tags and brands are removed and destroyed whether the material is being recycled or re-used. R3 Recycling adheres to the ISO 14001 and OHASA 18001 certifications.

Selecting R2 certified brokers/ recyclers, such as R3 Recycling, who undergo rigorous annual audits provides greater assurance that electronic equipment will be managed responsibly.

Comparing Standards

The Primary Difference

R2's emphasis on REUSE.This reduces the need to mine for new raw materials and reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturing. Access to affordable, refurbished electronics has positive social and economic impacts for developing countries and it bridges the digital divide, improves education, and enables participation in the global economy.

BAN (the controlling body for e-Stewards) has lobbied for extreme restrictions on resale of used electronics, which negatively impacts the ability to reuse electronics and the ability of brokers/recyclers to maximize reuse throughout the world.

The Similarities

R2 & e-Stewards have a great deal in common. The environmental, health, and safety provisions parallel one another. Both require compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and both require tracking, transparency, and downstream accountability.

R2 Preserves Resources by Emphasizing Reuse

How broken smart phones are being reused:

  • Screens reused in new electronic toys
  • CPUs reused in new remote controls and e-readers
  • GPUs reused in new digital picture frames
  • Rare/precious metals recovered and reused

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